The Selection

selectionCass, Kiera. The Selection. New York: HarperTeen, 2012. Print. ISBN 978-0062059932. EBook. $6.06.

Annotation:  America Singer must decided if she will stay true to her heart or improve the quality of life for her family.  She has the emotional agony of deciding between luxury and love.

Book Talk:  

Can you stay true to your heart?

The selection process is simple really, send in a picture and get a chance to compete for the heart of the prince and the crown.  You can improve your family’s position in society, the marriage opportunity is a method used in post World War 4 in Illea (former United States) to bring up moral and give families the chance to move out of their caste.

The likelihood of winning the competition to be the Prince’s selection is slim.  When Prince Maxion shows a focused interest in America, she is torn with the trappings of the luxurious life and romance and the thoughts of Aspen and the pull of her heart.

The glamour, the crown, the intensity…will they fade the glow of true love?

MY RATING: 4.5,  This book has dystopian undercurrents and is a catchy new series for YAs ages 14+ 

(1 is poor and amazing! )

GENRE: Fantasy


Listen to sample on Audible. com via Amazon

Preview the next book in the series



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