The Sword in the Stars (The Dark Sea Annals #1)


Batson, Wayne T. The Sword in the Stars.  Living Ink Books, 2010. Print. ISBN 978-0-89957877-4. E-Book.  $2.99. Paperback. $12.48.

Annotation: The hope of forgiveness can transcend the misery enshrouding a spirit from mistakes of the past.

Book talk: “When the moon is blood red and the Sword is in the stars, the man of Ice will call Him, he Hero from afar.”

The darkness is growing.

Alastair Coldhollow is a defeated, alcoholic warrior, who constantly battles his addiction and a painful past. He is haunted by his past actions and doubts his role as Caller.

The Sword in the Stars is constellation that should appear in the night sky and point the Caller towards the location of the fabled Halfainin. The one that would defeat the Dark King.

Prince Morlin schemes bloody betrayal to fulfill his desires and longing for the throne that his benevolent twin brother sits upon as ruler.

But who or what is the enemy? Is it other kingdoms that threaten to strike or something darker and more ancient and deadly?

MY RATING: 4.5, ages 12+ 

(1 is poor and amazing! )

GENRE: Fantasy


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