Atlantis Rising

atlantisBaron, T.A. Atlantis Rising. New York: Philomel Books, 2013. Print. ISBN: 978-0-399-25757-5. Hardback. $ 17.99.

Annotation: Two young adventurers commit to save their land at all costs.

Book Talk: Have you ever heard of Atlantis?  The demise and sinking beneath the ocean’s surface is known to all but what of the beginnings of Atlantis?

Promi, a scrappy teenage thief, joins with Atlanta, a forest girl, to engage in a longtime battle between good and evil.  The battle spans spiritual realm and human world and will determine the fate of their beloved land of Ellegandia.  What does this battle have to do with the mystical and magical Atlantis?

This was a pretty quick read. If you like this genre you will likely enjoy this book, ages 12+


(1 is poor and amazing! )

GENRE: Fantasy



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