The House of Hades

House_of_Hades_cover_artRiordan, R. The House of Hades. New York: Disney Hyperion Books, 2013. Print. ISBN 978-1423146728. Hardback. $ 11.10.

Annotation: A house divided, the Greek and Roman demigods are engaged in battle between the the two camp as Gaea’s forces rise to eliminate them both.

Book talk: “Annabeth wanted to curl up next to Percy and go to sleep.  She wanted to shut her eyes, hope all of this was a bad dream, and wake up to find herself back on the Argo II, safe with her friends…”

Is this the end? Percy and Annabeth have managed to escape insurmountable odds before but now they are trapped in Tartarus.  Hurt and facing a deadly journey across the land of the dead to the Doors of Death, the haunting question that begs to be answered is could this really be the end?

Times are dark and the atmosphere is one of despair, anxiousness and fear.  Gaea and her armies are rising, the demigods are divided as the Greek and Romans camps are preparing to go to war with each other – it all seems so hopeless.  Can Annabeth and Percy survive The House of Hades to reemerge, unite the Greek and Roman demigods and defeat Gaea or will they be locked behind the Doors of Death forever?

This was an fantastic read! I felt exhausted after I finished it, ages 12+


(1 is poor and amazing! )

GENRE: Fantasy




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