Kobato, Vol. 1

kobatoClamp, Flanningan, W. (translator). Kobato, Volume 1. New York: Yen Press , 2010. Print. ISBN-13: 9780316085366. Paperback. $10.80.

Annotation: Kobato must mend broken hearts, but she must not fall in love with the heart she has mended.

Book talk: “There is place I want to go…”

Wounded hearts, that is what sweet and beautiful Kobato Hanato must find and put them into a jar.  She must first earn a jar, and then fill it with wounded hearts in order to get her wish, taking care to not fall in love with the person whose heart she is healing.  Guided by a gruff and rude little, blue dog, Ioryogi-san, Kobato strives to earn her jar through challenges involving the use of common sense – of which she has very little.  She must prove that she has the common sense to be in this world.

Often confused and struggling to understand the nature of people, Kobato finds that earning the jar is not easy as she notes that,  “Humanity is made up of all sorts of people.” Lacking an abundance of common sense, the world is ready to take full advantage of the young, innocent , and well-intentioned girl.

This was an entertaining read, ages 15+


(1 is poor  and 5 amazing! )

GENRE: Graphic 


Carolyn, 14

Favorite genre: Action Adventure

Favorite book: Slated by Teri Terry

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What do you think about books found in the fantasy genre? They are not what I look for in a book but I could read it if it was good.

What is your favorite book in the fantasy genre?  I like Mountain over the Moon by Atsushi Nakajima 




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