The Coldest Winter Ever

winterSouljah, Sister. The Coldest Winter Ever. New York:Pocket Star, 2006. Print. ISBN-139781416521693. Paperback. $7.99

Annotation: Brooklyn “royalty”, Winter, must learn a new way of life when her family moves and her father is jailed changing her whole world. She must rely on her ruthless instincts to survive the vicious world she calls home.

Book talk:So when you look in the mirror don’t see death, see life. Don’t see ugly, see beauty.  it may not seem like it, but you are powerful.” Sister Souljah

Winter Santiaga is the teenage daughter of a wealthy and notorious drug dealer.   Sixteen year old Winter is just as much a hustler as her father, in addition, she is savvy and sexy and uses these attributes to get what she wants.  She is in control -always.

When her father decides to move the family from the ghetto in Brooklyn to Long Island, it disrupts Winter’s world.  Winter is determined to do whatever it takes reclaim her ghetto status. However, when her father ends up in jail, her mother is shot in the face, and her sisters are taken into protective custody, Winter is on her own, forced to figure out a whole new way to survive on the streets.  Betrayed again and again, Winter struggles to remain in control. Violence, material desires, fear, pain and loss weave the fabric of Winter, a ruthless fighter, taker, and survivor.

This was a powerful read, ages 15+


(1 is poor  and 5 amazing! )

GENRE: Urban Lit 

LITERARY AWARDS (from Good Reads):

Black Caucus of the American Library Association award winning fiction (1994-2011)



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