Meyer, Stephanie. Twilight. New York:  Little, Brown and Company, 2005. Print. ISBN 978-0-316-16017-9.  Paperback. $18.99.

Annotation: Bella falls into forbidden love with Edward. Will her love end in her death, as Edward tries to shield her from his dark secret?

Book talk: “It was absolutely silent for one long second before the screaming began. In the abrupt bedlam, I could hear more than one person shouting my name. But more clearly than all the yelling, I could hear Edward Cullen’s low frantic voice in my ear. ‘Bella, are you all right?’”

When her mother decides to remarry and begin a new life, a dismayed, seventeen year old, Bella Swan chooses to move from sunny Phoenix , Arizona  to rainy Forks, Washington to live with her father.  Bella could have never imagined that the dull dreary town would yield the handsome and  mysterious Edward Cullen and in spite of his resistance,  Bella is hopelessly drawn to him.  When Edward finally confesses his love, it  is complicated with the revelation of Edward’s morbid and deadly secret.

I recommend this popular read for ages 12+


(1 is poor and 5 amazing! )

GENRE: Horror/Fantasy




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