Things Not Seen (Things #1)

Clements, Andrew. Things Not Seen.  New York: Penguin, 2006. Print.  ISBN-13: 9780142400760. AudioBook CD. $32.95

Annotation: When Andrew wakes up invisible one morning he feels the actualization that he no longer exists, he is no longer seen. He seeks to find out how it happened and how to become visible again.

Book talk: “Last year our world history teacher told us how the ancient Greeks used to go into battle naked.  Fighting with sword and shields and spears. Naked.  And how they used to hold their athletic contests naked.  Running and wrestling and throwing the discus.  Naked.”  These are the thoughts of Bobby, who can only venture outside safely when he is naked because no one will detect him naked.  With clothes on, he is visible and strange, but without clothes he is simply invisible.

Have you heard the expression “feeling comfortable in your own skin”? What does that mean to you? Do you ever feel like you just want to disappear, like you do not matter, like you are invisible? Being fifteen is a challenge already for any boy but for Bobby he feels added pressures and insignificance because of the pressures from exceptionally smart, and caring parents.  When Bobby wakes up one random morning to discover he IS invisible, his life becomes even more confusing yet…he begins to discover a freedom in his new found identity.

Once Bobby convinces his parents of his invisibility, they then must try to figure out why he is invisible, how to fix the problem, all along keeping it a secret.  When his parents are involved in an accident his only friend and confidant is a blind girl named Alicia.  Together they quest to discover what happened how to fix it before Bobby’s “disappearance” draws attention from the people and government agencies around them.

A good read for ages 12+.


(1 is poor and 5 amazing! )

GENRE: Fantasy 

LITERARY AWARDS (from Good Reads):




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