Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different


Blumenthal, Karen. Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different. New York: Square Fish, 2012. Print. ISBN 9781250015570. Paperback. $8.18.

Annotation: Journey through the life and impact of mogul Steve Jobs.

Book review: Steve Jobs was not a well-loved man but he was brilliant, determined and driven.  Raised by caring adoptive parents who sacrificed to assure a solid home and education, he grew into a young man who held contempt for rules, which made him a risk-taker and rule breaker and ultimately a culture changer.  Blumenthal’s book recounts the life of Steve Jobs in a facts only book.  The writing lacks style and eloquence.  There is no inspiration or hatred just a vanilla tale of one of the world’s most creative, out of the box thinkers in modern history.  This biography begins with Jobs delivering a commencement speech where Jobs tells of three stories from his life that defined his life, it was a great lead in to a potentially interesting narrative of this iconic man’s life.  Disappointingly, the stories are drawn out and do not paint a picture of a man beyond basic recanting of Jobs’ life.  The stories lead the reader through Jobs young adventures, and paint him as a man driven only to meet his own needs and interests.

While the writing of the book was fair, I would still recommend this book because of the impact that Steve Jobs has had on all of our lives.  It is valuable to learn about such a powerful individual as part of our history.  Job’s dalliances in drugs, his mean nature, and lack of value for human beings is sad and disheartening but YA can learn life lessons and the impact of such characteristics.  It would be a fantastic book for a young adult book club to spark discussion and further investigation of this unique man.

This book would be great for a book club, ages 12+


(1 is poor and 5 amazing! )

GENRE: Biography 




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