Weetzie Bat


Block, Francesca L. Weetzie Bat. New York: Harper & Row, 1989. Print. ISBN 9780060736255. Paperback. $8.99.

Annotation: Weetzie Bat and her unique friends each search for  love and happiness in Los Angeles.

Book review: The fantasy world of Los Angeles and Hollywood whirls about Weetzie Bat as the story unfolds of four unique characters, friends and lovers.  Weetzie has always been unusual and is befriended by a handsome young man, Dirk, in high school who shares disdain for the conventional and ordinary.  The best friends share time and dreams and ultimately Dirk’s secret of homosexuality. The best friends unabashed by this revelation help each other find true love and negotiate the fantasy world of Los Angeles.

Due to its lack of character development and childish sentence structures, I did not really enjoy this book.  The subject matters of the book are important but glossed over by characters who ignore or run away from the problems rather than allowing the problem to lend to more than the one-dimensional characters.   This book is ripe with random thoughts and an idealistic story line with no real pain, no real emotions, everything moves along with no real consequences.  The author is lauded for an original approach to writing but the story winds and jumps and had a disturbing ignorance that unfortunately made me like it less the more I read.

This was an entertaining read, ages 14+


(1 is poor and 5 amazing! )

GENRE: Fantasy/LGBT 


Check out this interesting video with the author Francessca Lia Block





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